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replica designer bags Defiant Roy Grindley has barricaded his Rainow farm near Macclesfield by parking a cheap replica handbags tractor on the lane, stopping Replica Designer Handbags soldiers from going on to his land to shoot his 100 Friesian cows.His action comes after Ministry vets decided to carry out a preventative cull of his animals fearing the development of a devastating cluster of cases in the area.MAFF teams have culled animals at neighbouring Rainow Low and Lima Farms after symptoms of the disease were spotted.But the Grindley family, who have built up their herd at Croft Farm over nearly 50 years, say they will not allow slaughtermen on their land until they see positive test evidence that the infection is in the area.MAFF is currently trying to gain a court injunction Designer Replica Bags to gain access to the farm but Mr Grindley’s wife Doreen said they wouldn’t give up without a fight.”It’s within our rights to get a solictor and fight this and that’s what we will do,” she said.”As far as we are concerned there hasn’t been a confirmed case in Rainow yet and we want high quality replica handbags to see blood tests that show that our cattle need to be slaughtered.”This is about the principle of the matter, MAFF are being so heavy handed and arrogant and they seem desperate to kill as many animals as they can.”The blood tests at Lima Farm didn’t prove positive and now we want to wait for the results of the tests at Rainow Low Farm rather than leave it to chance. The first we knew of this was when a MAFF vet turned up on Sunday and said there was a slaughter team following up to cull our herd.”Talks were going on today with MAFF and the National Farmers Union as Fake Handbags negotiators told Mr Grindley that the longer he leaves replica Purse his herd the more likely it is of becoming infected and spreading the disease.A MAFF spokeswoman said: ”We are in the process of getting the paperwork for a court injunction because if he does become a confirmed case then Replica Handbags he could take his neighbours with him. Unfortunately the blood tests are not the last word as there is a window where the infection is present but it doesn’t show up in the blood.”We know it’s difficult but unfortunately it’s a sad fact of life at Fake Designer Bags the moment.”An NFU spokeswoman said while they had every sympathy for Mr Grindley they were keen to prevent a repeat of what had happened in Settle and Clitheroe where a cluster of cases had developed.”We don’t want to see the same happening here but we realise the farmer concerned faces a devastating Replica Bags loss,” she said.Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterDaily NewsletterNewsallMost ReadMost RecentM60A woman drove around the M60 planning to take her own life replica designer bags.

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