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Style arbiter, “Project Runway” judge, and general dapper man-about-town Tim Gunn has taken on a new role: political style critic. In a move that is sure to make some folks’ dreams come true–and replica hermes , possibly, for others, some nightmares–Gunn has signed on with Washington D.C.-based blog Politico to write a political style column dubbed “Campaign (Un)Chic.” His first column went live this week.Gunn, who pens the column with fellow fashion arbiter and New York Times writer Ada Calhoun, takes on the road to the White House for his first piece, including a focus on will-she-or-won’t-she presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “[Clinton] hasn’t announced her plans for 2016, but surely it’s relevant to note that she has already undergone a makeover since stepping down as secretary of state earlier this year. Her polished new look says she’s ready to make a strong bid for the Oval Office,” Gunn writes.MORE: Tim Gunn’s Advice To Aspiring Street Style Stars: ‘Don’t Be A Mannequin’ But of course, Gunn doesn’t abandon his trademark wit and humor just because he’s talking about some of the biggest players in Washington. “Like too many American men, [Rand] Paul wears suits that are a size or two too big for him,” Gunn writes. “While this may allow for more personal freedom of movement (perhaps the point for a libertarian like Paul?), those baggy suits make the GOP senator from Kentucky look like a little boy playing dress up in his dad’s clothes—not the right message to send if he wants to escape his congressional father’s shadow.”MORE: How the Government Shutdown Affected Shoppers Head to Politico to read Gunn’s debut effort, and check back weekly to read more of his musings on the style (or , let’s be honest, lack thereof) of some of The Hill’s power players.


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Tim Gunn Gets Political With New Column About The (Lack Of) Style in Washington

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