Fire and forget: The bloody amnesia at the heart of UK Saudi ties as Prince Mohammed bin Salman visits the UKLabour MPs Chris Williamson and say its time for Theresa May to reconfigure our relationship with the middle east20:29, 6 MAR 2018Updated20:35, 6 MAR 2018Proudly made in Britain and used with British oversight, Saudi Arabia has trained these missiles on hospitals and health centres, water facilities and schools.Saudi prince making his name ‘cracking down on corruption’ is revealed as buyer of world’s most expensive homeA YouGov poll last year showed most Britons don’t even know a war is raging in Yemen, let alone that it’s a joint venture between the US, UK and Saudi Arabia.While we fire and forget, our involvement will live long in the memories of those fortunate enough to survive the hell we are creating.The Foreign Office and Secret Intelligence Service can no longer maintain the fantasy that the UK’s alliance with Saudi Arabia is a marriage of convenience.Saudi Arabia is among the most egregious purveyors of instability in the world.In Yemen, it is responsible for the death of tens of thousands of people; the displacement of at least three million more; cholera; famine; and the deliberate, targeted annihilation of UNESCO World Heritage sites that tell the story of human civilisation like the Marib Dam, one of the engineering wonders of the ancient world.In Syria, Saudi Arabia irresponsibly poured money and weapons into a host of armed groups, some of which have merged into al Qa’ida led factions.In Bahrain, Saudi tanks rolled in to flatten the aspirations of the democracy movement while Saudi soldiers gunned down civilians in cold blood.In Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE overthrew a democratically elected government and restored the status quo ante of torture, cronyism and summary executions.In Tunisia, they attempted the same. In Europe, the US, South and Southeast Asia, the Saudi exported ideology of Wahhabism has proved a breeding ground of extremism.Saudi Arabia is a brutal regime and state sponsor of terrorism. So why are we rolling out the red carpet for its crown prince?The successful export of Saudi destruction requires an ecosystem to underpin it.A small army of thinktanks, lobbyists and former government officials style Mohammed bin Salman as a ‘reformer’ to the British media, lawmakers and the public.Their favourite argument that Saudi intelligence on extremists keeps Britons safe amounts to blackmail..

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