Nathalie Colin Interview – Swarovski's Creative Director on Styling Jewelry

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– Continue Reading BelowPhoto: Courtesy Swarovski/”Multiface(t)s: Style Yourself With Jewelry” As the creative director of Swarovski since 2006, Nathalie Colin knows all too well that even the most exquisite bauble can spoil a great outfit if it’s styled improperly. Now the French-born designer is lending her expertise by releasing her first book, Multiface(t)s: Style Yourself With Jewelry. Plus, she recruited fashion figure pals, like Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman, in the process.Today, the 240-page style tome launches at Swarovski boutiques and It features informative spreads, styled by the likes of June Ambrose, to break down just how to wear jewelry. A companion mobile app has also been released to offer styling advice on the go. Colin gave an exclusive preview below. ELLE: You got the idea for writing Multiface(t)s after being constantly asked for your advice on styling jewelry. What’s your top rule? Nathalie Colin: Be yourself, and try to pick the right jewels and accessories to enhance your personality and your physical assets.ELLE: Are there any styling pointers that you had never really considered until you began work on the book? NC: One day during the shoot in New York, I spotted a styling assistant with a nice star-shaped tattoo on her neck. And since, I have designed a whole collection with a similar shape.ELLE: What are your thoughts on mixing different types of jewelry—say, silver with gold rkliedtke , crystals with heavier statement pieces, and so on? NC: This is a must. Like in our lifestyle, we love fusion food, our home is packed with a mix of vintage and new furniture. This is the era of self-expression, and everything is possible.ELLE: Why did you choose to use Swarovski employees for the book? – Continue Reading BelowNC: I used a mix of profiles in the book. Some are top models (Laetitia Casta, Yasmin Le Bon), some are actresses (Meryl Streep), some are performers (Dita Von Teese), and many are just real women. I paid special attention to have a variety of skin tones canada goose jacket sale , ages, and races, to show diversity. Jewelry is for all. The only thing I was constantly looking for was a kind of radiance in the profile and personality of the person, as I wanted the book to be happy and lively. And involving Swarovski employees was a way for me to also offer them a different kind of experience at work. And there are so many beautiful people working here!ELLE: Tell us about working with stylists like June Ambrose and Han Huo Huo. Do you have a favorite look from the book?NC: Each of the stylists has their own style. And I picked them for a special chapter—Han Huo Huo for an urban-chic look in the streets of Hong Kong, and June for girls having fun. Just working with her is a real piece of fun as well! She has a unique way of mixing patterns and prints together, and I played a lot with that. On page 127, there is a model wearing a fuchsia printed suit and an oversized multi-fuchsia necklace, as well. June mixed both, and I fully supported the idea that prints can match really well with a necklace in an optical illusion play.ELLE: If a woman can only invest in one Swarovski piece, what do you recommend?NC: A stunning conversation piece, such as the Nirvana Ring, which she could easily wear at the office when she wants to make a good impression, for dinner, for cocktails, and many daily occasions. People will have all eyes on this ring! And this will definitely help break the ice at a dinner.ELLE: Swarovski is known for its wide-ranging collaborations. Can you tell us about any upcoming projects? – Continue Reading Below – Continue Reading BelowNC: We have collaborated for Spring/Summer 2013 with a fantastic and talented Brazilian designer, Pedro Lourenco, who is only 21 years old. He has already showed his apparel collection in Paris for the past two years. I love his graphic, structured yet feminine, sexy approach to the silhouette. He has done a capsule collection for us that we will initially launch in Brazil, as Latin America is the core inspiration for my next summer collection.ELLE: Who are your fashion icons? NC: I love eccentric women with lots of personality. I have always been amazed by the surrealistic creativity of Elsa Schiaparelli, and today’s eccentric women such as Lady Gaga. This is really inspiring for me as my own style follows my moods, and I am definitely not a mono-style person. One of my icons is Daphne Guinness, who always impresses me with her chic décalé look. Finally, I have a real admiration for the American First Lady, Michelle Obama, who chooses colors, fun prints, and outfits from young designers. All that gives a real personality to her look at the White House. She is a role model in a real fashion sense. She does not go for the obvious and expected.Photo: Courtesy Swarovski/”Multiface(t)s: Style Yourself With Jewelry”

Nathalie Colin Interview – Swarovski's Creative Director on Styling Jewelry

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